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Youth club – “Hamachsan Hakatom” (The Orange warehouse) at Shlomi

A collaborative effort between (the town of) Shlomi’s community center, a donor from the U.S. and the Galila Foundation has formulated the creation of the Orange Warehouse (“Hamachsan Hakatom”).

“Hamachsan Hakatom” is a youth club located in the industrial zone of the Shlomi border town, and was founded for providing youth with a safe and supervised place to meet and engage in social activities.

The project was initiated by the local community center, and the teens can enjoy their free time in organized activities during evenings and weekends, as an alternative from loitering and participating in acts of vagrancy in the town’s streets.

The local council renovated the complex, and the community center provided the personnel and some of the equipment. The Galila Foundation purchased the remainder of the required equipment for the full benefit and enjoyment of the teens at this safe haven in the town of Shlomi.


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