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Aid for Life program

this is the fourth year Galila Foundation collaborates with the program “Aid for Life” of Latet organization, in which we renovate apartments of Holocaust survivors in need in the North to improve the quality of life and their personal safety and to meet the vital needs arising from the limitations of age, physical condition and their special needs.

The project goal

renovate homes where survivors live, to treat a variety of hazards, environmental problems and neglect. This will include renovations, supplies and assemble supplementary equipment. The renovation will focus on adapting the home of the survivor to nursing needs of the elderly with a focus on treating safety hazards and not cosmetic ones.

The renovation work will include:

  • Painting, repairs and restoration walls with plaster and sealing due to environmental damage.
  • plumbing and piping, among other things, replacing the bath to a shower.
  • Repair and upgrading of electricity, construction of new power points in height and location for the convenience on the survivor.
  • Supply and installation of safety equipment and basic household equipment (including appliances)
  • Supply and installation of equipment for long-term care (nursing bed, shower chair, etc.)
  • Amendments of flooring and re tiling floors.
  • The replacement of windows and shutters, with an emphasis on repair if possible.
  • Air conditioning
  • Works consist of several components above.

The project takes place through out cities in the north including: Acre, Tzefat, Maalot, Nahariya, Krayout, Hatzor Haglilit and Carmiel. 

up to now we have renovated over 300 homes that have improved the quality of life for the survivors. 

 Galila Foundation raised a donation from an American foundation and is currently addressing other foundations to be able to respond to any Holocaust survivor who needs assistance in this important project.


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