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Alma – Research & Education center, Israel’s Security challenges on the Northern border

Alma – Research & Education center, Israel’s Security challenges on the Northern border 

The ALMA Center has enjoyed a dramatic year. Since the Center was founded by Lt. Colonel (res.) Sarit Zehavi in 2015, Sarit has personally guided hundreds of tour groups, VIP delegations, politicians, journalists and individuals from around the globe in an experiential session of understanding the complexities of life across the northern border region and the security challenges facing Israel from the Lebanon and Syria northern borders.

The global exposure of ALMA has evolved dramatically over the past year and in 2018, Sarit was, once again, invited to brief US, Congressmen/women, Senators and foreign policy aides at the Capitol in Washington DC. Sarit Zehavi also presented a virtual tour of Israel’s northern borders on central stage to an audience of 18,000 at the AIPAC Annual Conference.

The Galila foundation, via the ‘Galila Fellows’ program, is supporting Sarit and her ALMA non-profit entity by developing this evolving Center, in addition to providing her with the mentorship and professional supervision to ensure her organizations’ long-term sustainability and expansion. By the end of 2018, Sarit Zehavi and her ALMA initiative has become a globally-recognized Research & Education Center, providing real-time data and updates on Israel’s complex security issues on its northern borders with Lebanon and Syria.

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