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The Nirim youth village

The Nirim youth village

Another member of the ‘Galila Fellows’ program is Micha Simbalista, Director of the youth village “Nirim” located at Bustan Ha’Galil on the Western Galilee coastline. There are many youth villages in Israel and all are loyally devoted to the cause of helping endangered youth, but “Nirim” stands out amongst them. The vision of the village Director is what pushes the youth living at the village into a path of excellence and to the attainment of the high personal and academic goals which Micha sets for them.

The youths, who are directed to the village by a decree of the courts, engage with a devoted staff-team, who are all focused in successfully realizing the troubled teen’s last chance for a normative life. During their years at the village, the youth complete their High school graduate diploma and then enlist for a ‘meaningful service’ in the IDF. As most of the “Nirim” teens come from impoverished and dysfunctional homes, Micha identified the need to provide the “Nirim” graduates, those serving in the IDF and also those who have completed their military service, with a home to come to.

The Galila Foundation chose to assist Micha in the fulfilment of his vision of creating a Graduates Home in the “Nirim” village building for the graduates a bridge for their complete integration in society as functioning citizens. The Graduates’ Home is a last step in the graduate’s long journey from a life of crime to a normative productive life as citizens.

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