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Programs of Excellence for Gifted Children, Shlomi

Programs of Excellence for Gifted Children, Shlomi

Dr. Nili Gal Yam, School Principal of the Science & Knowledge Center for Gifted Children in Shlomi, has been a member of the ‘Galila fellows’ program since its initiation. Within the framework of her social initiatives, Nili chose to promote specialized programs which will help to shape the next generation of Galilean leaders.


The first among these is the “Excellence program” for gifted students.

Over 80 children from the vicinity of Shlomi, Ma’alot, Nahariya, and local Western Galilee villages and Kibbutzim have studied during this year at the Center for Excellence which is located at the Science and Enlightenment center in the border town of Shlomi.

The children arrive at the center during the afternoon hours and learn various group courses such as: ecology, science fiction writing, economics, logics, entrepreneurship, law and art. The advanced curriculum at this Center enriches the children’s lives and expands their minds by introducing them to themes and fields they would not have been able to study in any other educational school framework.

The second initiative of Dr. Nili Gal-Yam, originated from the growing need for providing the graduates of the Excellence center with opportunities to enjoy academic, social and educational activities during their High school years, mainly due to the unfortunate fact that the Ministry of Education’s Excellence program ends at the beginning of High school.

The program is a regional initiative for the graduates from several centers for gifted children located across the Galilee and targets the preservation of the unique social atmosphere of the gifted youths. Within the curriculum of the program, there are several seminars in various academic subjects which give the youth opportunities to associate, learn and discuss current relevant issues from their lives. These meetups enable the development of the teens’ unique skills as they continue their path through the educational system.

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