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CATS – International leadership program

As part of its aims to promote young leadership in the Galilee, Galila Foundation participated in the CATS program.

(CATS – Children as Actors for Transforming Society)

The program is designed for youth and adults to change society through volunteer work in the community.

The program was founded in 2013 initiated by several NGOs working on behalf of children around the world.

The underlying thought of this program was to create a shared leeway between youth and adults on the basis of equality to empower social engagement and build common tools for community activities.

11 teenagers from the Galilee were chosen this year to represent the Israeli delegation, the seminar was held for a week in a picturesque town in Switzerland. During the seminar which was attended by hundreds of youth and adults from around the world, the Israeli representatives participated in various workshops, activities and discussion groups that dealt with substantive questions such as: “How can we solve the problem of global poverty.” The youth returned Full of experiences and impressions and mainly represented Israel and the Galilee with dignity.

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