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Summary of joint activities of Galila Foundation and the new guard movement

Galila Foundation has been supporting the new guard movement in the north for two years now.

The support included the renovation of the preparatory program building of Ein Kamonim last year and funding of the farm groups accommodation for volunteer activities.

After a cooperative thought and out of the desire to fulfill the objectives of Galila Foundation which includes the development of education and the younger community in the north, Galila has decided to be involved in two activity programs that expose youth to the important activity in the north that the New Guard movement leads and represents in its values.

The program “to work and guard” of the New guard movement – a program which young people come for three days of activities, including sleeping in the field , farming and enrichment lessons who teach to love the country and have mutual responsibility.

The second program: “My Brother’s Keeper” is days of exposure to groups that include volunteer work in the field and enrichment programs of mutual responsibility and Zionism.

At the end of the activity year, we can summarize the data proudly which indicates the arrival of thousands of youth from the north for various activity programs, activities which have exposed them to what is happening in the north and allows them to experience working of the land, the value of volunteerism and contribution to the community in a concrete understanding of Zionist values of mutual responsibility, Zionism and love of country.

The finance for the activity is part of a social entrepreneurship program of the Galila Foundation run for several years sponsored by the American Beren Foundation. The “New guard” activity is a social initiative which we are proud to be partners and are excited about the possibility to expose its existence to the northern youth.

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