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End of year activity of the Yanuh-Jat Acharai group

At the beginning of June, the “Acharai” group of the Druze village of Yanuch-Jat convened to celebrate the end of the first year of activity.

The group began its meeting with a journey from the activity center in Yanuch to the home of Zack Ben-Zaken who together with Rafi Buganim accompany the group trips and activities throughout the year. The whole year was saturated with activities and the guides who accompany the group noted the seriousness and dedication of each and every one of the 50 students in the group.

The head of the Council of Jat-Yanuch, Ma’ada Hasban, was invited to attend; he emphasized to the youth the importance of meaningful service in the IDF and the Druze sector’s contribution to Israeli society.

“Acharai” instructors of the group also praised the students and their dedication and commitment to the group activities as well as the inclusion of the group along with other groups that operate in the western Galilee.

The evening ended with the distribution of certificates and a festive BBQ party and the students are waiting to start the next activity.

Galila Foundation partners in financing the operations with the local council and the “Acharai” movement.

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