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Club for the Elderly Hatzor Haglilit

Day care centre for the Elderly – Hatzor Haglilit

Galila received a donation from the Sobell Foundation to help continue the existence of the Day Care Centre for the Elderly in Hatzor Haglilit.

The Day Care Centre serves some 42 members on a daily basis and many others who are not able to leave their homes.

The Day Care Centre provides both transportation to and from the centre, two hot meals a day and various on-site social, cultural and health related activities. In addition, the centre provides outreach services to bedridden and home-bound elderly residents, including responding to distress call button calls, hot meals, home visits and maintain contact for those who are now alone at home.

Galila is pleased to help maintain the existence of the Day Centre for the Elderly and will continue try to support the needs of the northern Galilee.

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