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Docu Mail Project

The Amirim middle/high school in Kfar Veradim in Israel and the Wichita Collegiate School in the U.S.A. are collaborating in a unique program called “Docu Mail”. From September 2012 through May 2013, six documentary postcards with a pre-planned and defined content will be sent from one school to the other by groups of students from each school. The representatives from each grade will have the responsibility to communicate the content for each card and serve as liaison for all the students in each grade. Each week, between the monthly dispatches of postcards, the groups will study together about documentary film making and they will then dialogue on content while preparing future postcards. The platform of this program will serve as the basis for mutual introductions and the origin for a joint-study program.

This project is part of the Galila – Beren initiative, in collaboration with Docu-village Center.

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