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The Excellency project in the Shlomi Center for Gifted Children

70 children from Shlomi, Nahariya, Maalot, Kibbutzim and Moshavim from the area began to this year to learn at the Shlomi Center for Gifted Children.  The children learn in groups in a number of courses – ecology, writing science fiction, economics, logistics, entrepreneurship, law and the arts.  The activities at the center take place once a week.  The children are divided into groups with each group having a program encompassing a number of courses that together create an enrichment package that develops the children’s minds and exposes them to other areas that they would not learn in any other framework.

This is the second year the program is being held in the afternoon hours with the parents being responsible for travel arrangements for the children to and from the science center.  This seems to be obvious but it shows the responsibility and commitment especially when it involves the northern periphery.

The Galila Association is happy and proud of a program such as this in our region. The contribution/donation to this project has taken place within the joint innovation of the Bren Foundation and the Galila Association.  The latter believes that we have to assist in the development and advancement of tomorrow’s generation of leaders in this region and this is for the benefit in future of the entire Israel society.

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