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The Gifted Children Schools Alumni Project

As part of the “Beren Fellows” initiative, school principal and Beren Fellow Dr. Nili Gal Yam initiated an Alumni program for all graduates of the Gifted Children Schools in the North of Israel. The idea behind the project was to enable these graduates to engage in additional extra-curriculum studies in the 11th and 12th grades without interfering with their school curriculum and matriculation studies.

The gifted children schools help to develop the intellectual capabilities of unique children from grades 4 through 9 from all over the country. During these years, groups of gifted children are brought together, enabling them to enjoy not only advanced studies at these schools each week, but also the company of friends with similar interests that are nurtured during the years. At the end of 9th grade, their studies at these schools come to an end and with it, but the many friendships developed remain.

The purpose of this project is to enable these children and youth to continue to meet socially and to empower them through their special challenges during their years of study in the ‘regular’ high school system. The project collects all of these youngsters from the north of the country and integrates them socially and, together with many familiar teachers, they also engage in study-areas of high interest to this unique group of Israeli teens. Through this specially-developed project, these children participate in enrichment classes and work on research projects together under the guidance and care of the staff.

The Galila foundation supports this special project as part of its leadership development and empowerment objective for the younger residents of the Northern Galilee region.

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