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Elderly center in Shlomi

The Elderly Center in Shlomi is a key facility serving the needs of over 100 elderly Holocaust survivors who reside in the town. This day activities Center, under the management of Luda Haskelevitch, has evolved into a most vibrant club for the elderly who are transported to and from this Center every morning and late afternoon. The building was renovated by the Shlomi Municipality with the assistance of the Galila Foundation, courtesy of a donation from a US fund. Every morning, the Center serves the elderly with a nutritious breakfast followed by a wide variety of activities including , artwork, exercise and health, lectures on nutrition, and much more. A new room with computers as well as a library, treatment room, hairdresser is planned for this location under the direction and supervision of a wonderful, dedicated staff team. Following lunch which is also served to the elderly, they continue with their enrichment programs until the late afternoon, when the bus arrives and takes the elderly back to their homes. In a town like Shlomi, where mobility and public transportation is very limited, there is no other existing recreation center for the elderly that allows these elderly and frail holocaust survivors to meet other people and to engage in so many activities out of their impoverished homes. The dedicated staff that works at this Center cares for the welfare of the elderly and we are both pleased and privileged to be able to help. The Galila Foundation recently raised additional funds for the purchase and installation of new equipment, making the center an active and beautiful place that will welcome the elderly that come to this ‘home away from home’ on a daily basis, throughout the year.

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