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Merom Hagalil Volunteer Center

The Galila Foundation is partner to the establishment of a center for volunteers serving the multiple needs of the diverse rural communities under the municipal umbrella of the Merom Hagalil Regional Council. Last summer, the Galila Foundation assisted in financing a summer camp for children with special needs from Merom Hagalil. The camp experience was highly successful and it was even more special thanks to the largest number of volunteers, all of them youths from the Merom Hagalil Regional Council who participated as counsellors and helpers. Due to the success of this camp and the number of youths who volunteered, it was decided to develop a new initiative, based at the regional community center – establishing a volunteers center. The youth of Merom Hagalil study at a wide range of schools in the area and the volunteers center is a focal point which will allow them to connect between all of the communities and villages in this region. The volunteer activities will be coordinated by Uri Rosen, the Youth Unit director at the Merom Hagalil community center. The youth participated in a special training and orientation activity at the Jordan River village ( a facility serving the handicapped and disadvantaged community) and in the coming months each one of these young volunteers will be able to choose his/her preferred volunteer assignment. The Galila Foundation has supervised this new initiative and the volunteer activities that take place for the benefit of the residents of the Merom Hagalil rural communities.

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