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Emergency Assistance Trust

The Galila Charitable Trust for Families and Individuals in Distress

Since it was establish on 2009 Galila Charitable Trust assists families and individuals in distress by providing one time grants in order to help in moments of crisis and distress.

A special committee was selected to deal with these sensitive issues. The members of the committee are volunteers from the Regional Council of Matte Asher who specialized in the areas of Social Affairs and Health. The Fund’s volunteers committee reviews the requests with the focus on cases where a one-time grant can help the person get back on his/her feet.

The Fund mainly helps the elderly, women, children & youth from all sectors. This special committee is supervised by the Welfare department of the R.C of Matte Asher.

The Galila Charitable Trust is able to help many families and touches the hearts of many thanks to the generous contribution of two special American Donors who really care about the residents of Matte Asher.

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