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Graduates tour the Galilee

This is the third year in which Galila Foundation supports “Graduates tour the Galilee”

The program is a social initiative of Dr. Nili Gal-Yam who participates in the Beren Fellows program of the Galila Foundation.

The Graduates program enables the graduates of the gifted school, who finishes the activities for gifted students in the 9th grade to continue to meet, learn and enrich their world. The program aims to preserve a frame work for the youth and allow them to continue to meet, learn and get additional enrichment programs appropriate to their high level of intellectual.

The meeting of graduates from a number of schools, allows them to become more familiar with peers alike from their region and are not with them at the regular school.

By February, the group met several times in various enrichment activities in Acre, Mount Carmel and in the Jordan Valley, the group received professional training instructors, visited various sites and held discussions and various enrichment activities.

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