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Happy Passover 2013

Galila distributed food and clothing vouchers to 364 holocaust survivors living in the northern Galilee region of Israel in honor of the Jewish Holidays Purim and Passover. The distribution was made by the Galila Director together with a dedicated group of volunteers in the towns of Nahariya, Safed, Ma’alot, Karmiel and Acco and was conducted in a festive atmosphere respectful of the sensitivities of this special group of Jewish heroes. Galila had dedicated resources to this important cause for a number of years and it helps these survivors who suffer from basic economic insecurity to have something for the Jewish holiday periods. This project is run in conjunction with the Association for the Concentration Camps & Ghetto Survivors in Israel. This group of Holocaust Survivors touched the hearts of blessed donors from the USA and Europe who enabled the Galila Foundation give away these vouchers.

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