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Hot meals for children

Nutritious meals for immigrant children in the town of Kiryat Bialik

In the last two years new immigrant children from Ethiopia, who completed the absorption process in the absorption centers, arrived with their families to Kiryat Bialik. Many families are having difficulties to assimilate into Israeli society due to many gaps (cultural, mental, educational, economic, etc.) the result is that they are unable to cope with the challenges and provide their children with all their needs.

The municipality of Kiryat Bialik took upon itself to help the children as much as possible and provides afternoon informal frameworks, but because of budgetary constraints, the children are given basic lunch meal.

In addition and in parallel to the children situation many seniors find themselves outside of all the support systems, due to all the budget cuts, and they are also experiencing difficult challenges that prevent from them  to live in dignity and respect.

The Galila foundation raised a grant from the Sobell Foundation (UK) which sees and understands the importance of providing hot meals for the health of the children and is very much aware of the elderly condition. Galila foundation will collaborate with the local community center and with ASHAK foundation and will generously provide nutritious meals to 100 new immigrant kids every day after school. This wonderful help will enable the children to continue their afternoon activities healthy, happy and content until they get home in the evening. The meals will be prepared by the seniors who need supplemental income and will also enjoy the feeling of being needed in the community.

The Galila Foundation is committed to the care of the children and the elderly in the northern periphery and is proud to take part in strengthening the residents of the Galilee region.

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