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New project for Holocaust Survivors 2013

House repairs in Holocaust Survivors Homes throughout the Galilee

We all hear about the poor condition of Holocaust survivors in Israel. In light of their economic difficulty, the Galila foundation decided to step up to the challenge of helping this group of people in great need.  A home “make over” operation for Holocaust survivors is the way we decided to address this need.

There are few hundred holocaust survivors living in the Galilee region today. Some are childless, lonely and lack the means to afford basic repairs in their homes. These people have already survived through many hardships,and feel helpless and ashamed, yet to continue in a despondent situation. Their inability to help themselves sometimes means staying at home, living in poor conditions, sinking further into sorrow and despair

Thanks to a generous contribution from the U.S. philanthropic organization – Hands on Tzedakah, the Galila foundation has been able to immediately start with this wonderful Home Repairs operation. The project started this week in the Northern border town of Shlomi, with the hope that these repairs will return a smile to their eyes and happiness to their hearts after receiving the assistance they deserve.

This project is being completed in collaboration with the Welfare Department and the Municipality of Shlomi. It is important to note that everything is done with agreement and approval of the tenants as well.

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