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Immediate assistance to Holocaust survivors in Need in the North

Throughout the year, the Assistance fund of the Galila Foundation aids the holocaust survivors of the north. The foundation purchases Appliances, furniture, does renovations and accessibilities to their homes, helping them in the purchase medicines not provided medical aid, buys food and every need arises and brought to our attention by the welfare departments and by the dear volunteers.

In addition to ongoing activities, twice a year on Rosh Hashanah and Passover the foundations has a festive event where students from schools in the north meet Holocaust survivors in an exciting encounter full of joy and intergenerational connection. The boys and girls learn to know these Holocaust survivors and they get to know the younger generation.

At the end of the event, each survivor receives a “holiday gift”, a gift that allows them to acquire food, clothes, or anything other necessity. The gift is given in the form of a gift card that allow survivors the freedom of choice to purchase what they desire. Our vast experience that we have accumulated over the years has taught us that this is the most honorable and highly effective way to give the aid.

The contributions that are received are delivered fully 100%, no management fees, handling or any overhead.

We will be happy to provide any further information by Email: Office: 04-9576333

Every donation helps us to give more. Help us to help Holocaust survivors in their final years with us.

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