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Reaching for Tova

The idea of the “Reaching out” project began six months ago when I met with Eddie Dangoor who had recently lost his beloved wife Tova Rauchberger to cancer.

We deliberated for months to find an apt way to memorialize Tova until the day I met up with Mika Webber, the programs director of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Kibbutz Ga’aton. Mika introduced me to the younger dancers’ troupe made up of students from all over the country participating in a two-year program at the Dance Village in the Kibbutz.

The cost of this intensive educational venture is quite expensive and the program enables these young prodigies to be able to fulfill their lifelong ambition of dancing with the KCDC senior dance troupe.

This is how the evening dedicated to launching the “Reaching out” project, whose proceeds are earmarked for scholarships for the young students enabling them to perform and improve their professional art together with the senior dance troupe.

The evening was very emotional for the 150 plus audience made up of many friends and family of Tova.  The younger dance troupe prepared a specially-choreographed dance to Tova’s favorite tune – “hakhnisini” (bring me in) as well as performing from the dance company’s repertoire. There were a select number of presentations recalling the full life and achievements of Tova after which the audience were invited on stage with the dancers to raise a toast in honor of her memory.

It was an exquisite and most meaningful evening that I was so honored to be a part of and am proud the Galila foundation enabled this special event to take place at Kibbutz Ga’aton in the Western Galilee.

Yael Barlev – Director, The Galila Foundation

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