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Refurbishing & Updating an Exhibit at the Kibbutz Hanita Museum

The Tower and Stockade Museum is located at the heart of Kibbutz Hanita. In a stone house on the top of a mountain that overlooks the stunning Western Galilee vista, the museum presents the story of the daring establishment of Hanita as a national operation and part of the broader Tower and Stockade settlements initiative. The museum includes an exhibit of original photographs, weapons and work tools and a film about Hanita’s establishment and its first years as a kibbutz.
This year, the museum was renovated and made accessible, while its exhibits were upgraded and adapted to 21st century visitors. As part of the project, the Galila Foundation joined with a US based foundation, the museum’s staff, and the kibbutz leadership to preserve the fascinating history of this pioneer settlement in the Galilee.

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