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Renovation of After-School Centers for at-risk kids

The ‘moadonit’ after-school club for children and teens from the new immigrant ‘Bnai-Menashe’ community living in Ma’alot is a vital program that Galila has chosen to support this year.

Our foundation is committed to supporting these after-school facilities through renovation and refurbishment of the many clubs spread across the north of Israel.

The condition of these facilities are often run-down and it is so important to give these unfortunate kids a ‘home away from home’ in a clean, safe environment, equipped with furniture and equipment they need for their educational and enrichment activities – five afternoon every week, throughout the year.

Over the years, Galila has renovated and refurbished a total of 16 clubs and this year, we renovated and refurbished a facility used by the ‘Bnai-Menashe’ new immigrant children in the border town of Ma’alot.


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