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The ‘Tranquil room’ project

The ‘tranquil room’ project

Gvanim is a very special regional school for the children coming there from the Matte Asher Regional Council’s rural communities, located across the Western Galilee region.This school is inter-connected on the same campus together with two other schools for special needs children. The daily integration between all of the young children is a key factor in enabling special needs kids to easily interact with their peers studying in the ‘regular’ school system. This year, the ‘miluot’ industries partnered with Galila in the creation of a much-needed ‘tranquil room’ for the special needs kids. This room is a necessary environment for these children who need a quiet space for their well-being, under the supervision of the trained staff at the special needs school. This space was furbished with special furniture and décor and is now up and running for the benefit of the children at the Gvanim school.


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