Projects | 2018

“Simcha LaYeled (Joy for the Child) at the Western Galilee and Safed Hospitals

“Simcha LaYeled (Joy for the Child) at the Western Galilee and Safed Hospitals

The “Shimcha La’yeled” organization operates in hospitals around Israel for the benefit of long-term hospitalized children, with the goal of easing their suffering as much as possible. Eli Kelerman, the CEO of the organization approved our request for a joint venture, under which “Shimcha La’yeled’s work and activities now reach hospitals in northern Israel.

“Shimcha La’yeled” ‘s activities at the Western Galilee Medical Center and “Ziv” hospitals consist of staff and volunteers who care for long-term hospitalized children, several times each week. In addition, there are various events for the benefit of the young patients and their families, such as holiday parties, organized field-trips, and activities that enliven their stay at the hospital, by providing an abundance of captivating events to distract their minds and uplift their spirits to happier prospects. The slogan of “Shimcha La’yeled” is: together we will replace pain with a smile.

The Galila Foundation will happily continue to support this cause for the benefit of the hospitalized children and their families living in the Galilee region of northern Israel.