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Choosing the Galilee

Choosing the Galilee

Our ‘Choosing the Galilee’ program is based on the unfortunate fact that there are not enough qualified doctors serving the three hospitals – Nahariya, Safed and Pariah – that cover the entire northern Galilee and Golan Heights region in northern Israel.

The program provides scholarships to young medical students as part of a social-venture initiative that each recipient will initiate and activate in the region’s communities during their time at the Bar Ilana Medical School based in Safed. The ultimate goal is that the young medical student who comes from the center of the country will get to know the community life in the northern region and, following his/her studies and qualification, will choose to settle in the Galilee region and gain employment in medical centers and hospitals in the Galilee.

These medical students/ social-entrepreneurs create an independent program, supported by the program’s staff, which can be implemented in any community and any medically-related fields anywhere in the Galilee region. The success rate of the pilot stage of this program, carried out in the Negev region of southern Israel, showed that almost 70% of the graduating students who went through this program, decided to relocate and settle in the region.

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