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Swords of Iron

Dearest friends,

Once again, Israel is at war!

As I write these words, hundreds of thousands of Israeli men and women have been urgently called-up to their military reserve units and we are tensely standing by and waiting for full operations to begin against the terrorists in Gaza. Our troops are also stationed in full alert along Israel’s northern border, in the anticipation of battle with the Hezbollah terror organization, based in southern Lebanon. In addition, our forces are on high alert at the Golan Heights border with Syria, in preparation of any attack from there.  This may soon unfold into a full-out conflict on two, or possibly three, fronts.

This is an unprecedented situation for Israel. This may be described as our own 9/11 or even Pearl Harbor, the fact remains that the results of the deadly Hamas terror group’s massacre of hundreds of men, women, and children in southern Israel, just two days ago, will echo in the Israeli mindset forever. This military campaign will be long and, at times, very painful. We pray for a swift and decisive victory by the IDF against any and all of our sworn enemies.

We will not be deterred and will enter this conflict with grit and determination to defend our civilians and the lives of our children. We will retaliate with extraordinary force against our murderous enemies. In the meantime, this emergency situation in Israel calls upon us to act.

The Galila foundation has already prepared itself to provide immediate and urgent support – wherever needed. At this time, we are appealing for funds to enable us to take the following immediate actions:

  1. Galila is purchasing and distributing a wide range of emergency medical equipment to be distributed to the civilian rescue teams, who are already in their positions and in action. We want to be able to provide them with every piece of medical equipment they require.
  2. We have ordered thousands of dry food and hygiene personal product baskets – including phone chargers (at cost rate), which our volunteers are already transporting these packages directly to the soldiers in their bases, across the northern Galilee border line. It is our intention to do this on a daily basis, and for as long as needed.
  3. The Galila Emergency Fund – our foundation operates an emergency fund that provides immediate and urgent assistance to cases from individuals here in the Galilee region. We analyze each written request, including the mandatory recommendation of the social worker, and decide on the allocation we immediately give to at these times.

Galila is appealing to all of its friends and supporters in the US to contribute to our effort by providing a gift through the HOT – Hands on Tzedakah, a Florida-based 501c3 organization, Galila has partnered with on numerous programs over the past decade. Please note that 100% of all gifts provided will be used exclusively for the purchase and distribution of these urgently-needed equipment and personal-packages for the civilian medical teams and soldiers on the front.

Donations to HOT can be made:

By check:

Payable : to Hands On Tzedakah

Hands On Tzedakah, Inc.
2901 Clint Moore Road #318
Boca Raton, FL 33496

+1 (561) 922-7574

Do not forget to write that it is designated to Galila 580410546


Do not forget to write that it is designated to Galila 580410546


please also, send us an email to so we can follow it up.

Credit card (recognize in US and Israel for tax 501c(3) or 46א)


You can also contribute through Direct Giving of JGive. See attached link:


We are most grateful for any and all support you may provide us in our hour of need.  This is our first appeal towards this military campaign in Israel and we hope and pray that our prayers for a swift and decisive victory will be answered.

Thank you for listening and thank you for caring.

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