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The Galila Foundation – ‘Swords of Iron’ Activities

On October 7, our reality in the State of Israel was turned inside out. The war that broke out in the wake of the unprecedented barbarism of the Hamas-Isis terrorist organization on our civilian communities surrounding Gaza, is regarded as the most significant war that Israel is fighting since its independence.

The entire army was mobilized for war on two fronts, in the south, against Hamas-Isis in Gaza, and along our northern border, against the Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon. Together with our army, the entire nation was mobilized. Civilians from every community and ethnic background across our country volunteered to participate in doing – some for our men and women in the military, others for the home front, the seventy-five thousand evacuees or actively supporting the families of the Israeli kidnapped hostages in Gaza or the bereaved families of our fallen soldiers.

The Galila foundation immediately mobilized and, with the generosity of our donors and supporters, we were able to provide:

  • Supplementary equipment for our soldiers
  • Respite activities and assistance to those evacuated from the Galilee communities
  • Food and care packages to soldiers and impoverished civilians
  • Winter clothing for civil guards and first responders in the northern border communities
  • Personal safety equipment and emergency medical kits for the civilian first responders

We funded and distributed all of the emergency equipment, assisted by our amazing volunteers who participated together with Galila in this war effort.

After four months of war, and with hundreds of hours of working into the late hours, Galila is honored to have partnered with some truly awesome individuals and organizations, enabling us to: purchase and distribute thousands of units of winter equipment, thousands of first aid kits and medical equipment, hundreds of emergency-aid grants, food and care packages for thousands of soldiers protecting our northern border, direct aid for tens of thousands of evacuees from the Galilee communities and more. Now we must show our heartfelt appreciation to those that made all of this possible and simply say…Toda – thank you.

Thank you to all the donors from Israel and around the world, who continue to ask what else can be done to help Israel?  Thank you to the countless number of dedicated volunteers from across the Galilee who are always ready to mobilize at a moment’s notice and for any project or task needed.


Thank you to the men and women of our defense forces, who continue to protect us – and for the privilege of taking part in this noble giving enterprise.

The path towards peaceful days is not yet visible on the horizon. The northern border is currently experiencing a vague war routine, the evacuees from the Galilee  communities still don’t know when they will be able to return to their homes, the kidnapped hostages have not yet returned to their families and our soldiers are still in battle on our southern and northern fronts. At this time, the immediate future remains uncertain and unstable.

Galila will continue with all of its activities with the same determination and  recognizing that our inner strength increases along with the future challenges we will endure. We will continue to reach out and help wherever we are needed and will  look to the future with the understanding that our strength and unity are the ingredients in building a brighter future for the northern residents and for the entire State of Israel.

We invite you to continue to partner with us, to contribute and volunteer and we will reach out to all those who need our support – today more than ever. We are synchronized with the fluid situation in northern Israel and are ready to respond to any and all of the community’s needs, by providing an accountable and effective response.

For more details about Galila’s projects and immediate needs, you are welcome to contact me

Together we will endure, together we will win and together – we will build a better future in the State of Israel.

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