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The Children at the Borders Fund

Facing Hezbollah and mayhem along Israel’s northern borders are communities. Within those communities are many children. Some, because of economic circumstances or disability, are in need or do not have access to services.

“The Children at the Borders Fund” project goal is to bring joy to the lives of those children by focusing on relatively small things, such as toys, computers, and other items that would improve their quality of life and that their families or communities cannot afford.

  • A 17 years old, suffers from a CP from birth, after a complex operation he was suffered complications from the anesthesia. Although he is getting better, he could not return to the special school he attended. His mother, a single mother of three stopped working to take care for him full time.

Jonathan needs to replace a special touch computer that is not working properly.

  • S, 18 years old, left the Haredi world and moved to a safe house in the north. Her family disconnected from her and she needs to support herself to survive. S. is taking a course in Zefat college, but she does not have a computer to work when she returns to her room.
  • A mother that left an abusive marriage with 2 little toddlers and one 10-year-old kid needs to buy beds for her children.

These are some of the requests we receive every week……

Initiated by a grant from Clifford Sobin, author of a recent book about Israel’s northern borders, this fund will focus on children living at the border communities. 

 The contributions that are received are delivered fully 100%, no management fees, handling or any overhead, and any amount, small or large will make a difference.


We will be happy to provide any further information by Email: Office: +972-4-9576333

 Every donation helps us to give more. Help us to help Children at the Borders.


to donate online please click the icon below. 


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