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 Yuval Mendelovitch’s mission to save ‘dangerous’ dogs

 Yuval Mendelovitch’s mission to save ‘dangerous’ dogs.

We met up with Yuval at his farm in the village of Peki’in in the Western Galilee He set up his project with the aim of saving traumatized canines.

Some were mistreated or abandoned by their owners, others were trained as fight-dogs and some were even tortured. They all were able to return to their adopted families, following Yuval’s individual treatment program and, for those dogs with no place to go, remain with Yuval at his farm and become part of his family. He currently has 130 dogs and this modern-day Dr. Doolittle, together with a group of dedicated volunteers, they all care for every traumatized canine. The farm’s needs have grown swiftly, and Yuval wishes also  to include youths-at-risk onto his team so that they too can benefit personally from their engagement with the dogs at the farm.

With the support of a US-based foundation, Galila will support this program by purchasing the equipment Yuval needs to expand his capacity at the farm.

You are invited to learn more about Yuval and his amazing project in his Facebook page . Any donation/gift will be most welcome and will help towards saving even more traumatized dogs coming to the farm from all over Israel.

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