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Wings summer Camp 2017

Wings summer Camp 2017

“There are no words to describe all my thanks for my sons smile every morning when he gets up with anticipation for the bus and when he returns home happy. I must say that my other children were really jealous of David couldn’t wait to see what he did at the camp today …” The words of Esther, mother of David, 11 years old who suffers from mental retardation.

David, together with 35 other children with special needs from a variety of frameworks and in a continuum of limitations: disabilities, organic disabilities, developmental disabilities and autistic continuum (blindness, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, retardation …) participated in the wings summer camp held for the children of the Merom Hagalil Regional Council.

Galila Foundation thanks to the generous donation of the American HOT Foundation, helped fund the camp.

The summer camp, which was held in cooperation and management of the Marom Hagalil Community Center, enabled the children to go on an enjoyable and different educational framework. It also enabled the parents and families some rest from the ongoing care especially in the long summer days.  

As part of the camp, which was operated mostly by youth and volunteers from the region, the participants enjoyed attractive activities in the form of a “mobile camp” and spent in a variety of fun and recreational sites throughout the north.

Important of all – the great pleasure of the children who were able to leave their homes and their loneliness for the enrichment, experience and fun activities led by volunteers from Merom HaGalil.

Galila Foundation is happy to be a partner in this important social initiative and thank the HOT Foundation that without them the camp would not have been held.

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