Projects | 2016-2017

Star team at the Mamanet tournament in Riga

This year Galila foundation took part in the financing of a group of members of the Star Team to the Mamanet tournament in Riga.

“Beit Bahoresh” Hostel was founded in Kfar Vradim, with the aim of integrating people with special needs into a well-established normative community and developing principles of tolerance and acceptance of the other, especially among the future generation. The hostel, set up to the highest standards, is home to 24 young people aged 18+ with mild to moderate mental retardation.

The members of the Star team, who live in the hostel, returned from the Riga tournament that exceeded all expectations and we they wish to share with us the journey they underwent during that intensive week:

It was an overwhelming sporting experience in terms of its strength. The players participated in the training and games without “discounts” as equal partners and received generous amounts of support, love and warmth from all the athletes.

We have no words to describe the sensitive embrace provided by the Mamanet actresses in general and Kfar Vradim in particular. They accompanied them all along and allowed them to feel an integral part of the entire delegation. The bonds grew stronger and previous acquaintance became a true friendship.

In the spare time, the team members enjoyed tours of Riga, a visit to the ancient synagogue, watched a soccer game, shopping, restaurants and more.

Beyond the personal experience of each player and the sense of belonging to a wide universal event, we are happy to announce the beginnings of a real social change

On the local level: More Mamant players from the Kfar Vradim team decided to join and be partners in the sports and social activities that already take place with the Kochav players who live in the housing system.

On the national level: Mamanet teams who were exposed during the tournament to the Star Team, are planning to visit Kfar Vradim and study the model in order to apply it throughout the country and establish additional groups such as this team.

At the global level, the CSIT management has decided to examine the possibility of combining delegations of people with disabilities from all over the world in various sports fields.

This is a tremendous achievement and a significant step towards integrating people with disabilities in all areas of life, and Galila Foundation is proud to be a partner in this important and significant process.